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beautifull. strong emotion moving rhythm suggestive of the meaning

yah nice "heavy metal", definitly should go on your greatest hits..... jerk off.

ChroniusNightmare responds:

Welcome to life. Disappointment is abundant through it.

straight respect. very good song, obvius talent. the only reason i cut a star in half was because the male vocals were a bit rambly, but it definitly is straight vodka.

Its not often that i give something a solid 5. Very good work guys. I hope you dont mind me using this in a rpg maker xp project. This song will be the intro, with full credit going to you guys and your wonderfull work. Brav- the fuck-O.

I thought it was a very good song. the right mix of drumb, lead, and a little high hat. The only issue i had with the song was the clumsy sounding set break in the middle. it would have been better if you dropped it to the beggining sound, and then came back in punching teeth out of childrens faces. All in all tah was a solid 4.

Metaljonus responds:

Thanks! As for the "clumsy" break it's just a groove to really let the bass and drums do their thing. If I went back to beginning sound it would be way overused and repetitive and boring.


that punched me in the sturnem so hard it made my dick twitch and my balls itch. nice work my man.

my ear pussy is wet

you fucked my ear pussy so hard that it stretched out and exposed new layers of ear pussy to the surface.

OmegaGlow responds:

Oh bby, and i think i rode you bareback too. But since you exposed new layers, can i fuck those as well?


god damn greeny. your bombin the beats like a sick joke. keep it malignant and all sorts of bubonic my freind.

Mr-green-apple responds:


fuckin bomb

you droped it like it was hot, picked it back up, and then drop kicked it like a flaming babey into a neerby childrens hospital, thus setting it on fire. nice fucking job.

needs work but overall good

for a trance song it was good. i just think it needed to have a little more oompf, literally. rather then that it was a buetiful peice keep up the good work.

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game programing

I hate it >:)

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