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rofl waffels... but

i liked pretty well but you todally riped the song off the origianal fable. damn you. damn you to hell

vary vary good

that was awsome and if i was him i would weild a shot gun on that asshole, thats wat running cross the border is for! anyways that was great and you should make more that touches on other problems like secret drug use or other things that people try to hide, like cheating, cause you are great at delivering messeges.

that was great

i loved the whole thing. i play rune scape and i still think that was awsome you guys rock!

um ok i guess

i hated the fact that the story was interupted by the stupid oh-uh nuatalis thing but that was kinda funny, and the ending was the only thing i found humoris when when the chiled was reminded that he was going to be beetin.

wooh oooh that was good!

that was awsome i havent seen anything that awsome in a wihle keep making the awsomnes more awsome with your awsome hillarity!


i found it really stupid. not only was the humor dry and un original but it had nothing to do with any game ive ever seen or herd of. if you want to pick on something i seriosly suggest that you play a legwnd of zelda game like link to the past and pick on the lack of backround story or something at least it would be semy humoris.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Err, I did make Legend of zelda movies before, and besides, why are you complaining about unoriginality if you want me to make a parody of a already over-parodied game to begin with dude?

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I hate it >:)

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